Thank you for visiting the GEOS Publication Website. GEOS Publication began back in December of 1994 and has had basically one big objective from the beginning: to serve the educational needs of COMMODORE GEOS USERS, whether beginners, average users, or advanced users. I publish letters of interest from my readers, in addition to articles on a wide variety of topics relating to Commodore peripherals, utilities, and software relating to GEOS. I also sometimes include articles of humor or human interest. GEOS Publication runs from 10 to 16 pages.

GEOS Publication is in transition. It is still predominently a GEOS Publication, but currently I have expanded my horisons to include occasional one or more of the following: poetry, humor, self-esteem articles, and quotations from the Jefferson Bible. Each issue I will include a brief meditation. This Journal will also include articles on Commodore peripherals, Commodore programs, GEOS & non-GEOS, GEOS utilities and accessories, and articles of Commodore users interest. My Publication includes some color now, and I am proud to make use of Maurice’s WHEELS, WAVE, PP2-3, as well as PostScript Printing.